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The Fortune Teller

Come visit the Fortune Teller to hear what your future holds!

She is made of polymer clay, mohair and fabric.  She sits inside a recycled jewelry box.  

The piece measures 12"H, 9.25"W, 7.5"D


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The Fortune Teller (1).jpg
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Babushka Series


Doina is the first in my Babushka series.  This series celebrates the beautiful, wise faces of our ancestors from eastern Europe or the old world neighborhoods of my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA.  Each bust is made with a mixture of polymer clay, fabrics and mohair.  Doina measures 14" in height.  Her head is sculpted of polymer clay and painted with pastels and acrylics.  Her eyes were hand crafted by me.  She is proudly displayed on a wooden base.






The Hobbit

The Hobbit.jpg

The Hobbit is a cantankerous old creature that doesn't like to be disturbed while he's having his evening smoke.

He measures 7.75" in height and is 6" in diameter.

He is made of polymer clay, mohair, natural fibers and natural surroundings making him only available to US collectors.  He is colored with Genesis Heat Set Paints and Sealed.




The Hobbit (1).jpg
The Hobbit (rear).jpg