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Would you like to design your very own Punkin?  Here's your chance!  Message me and we will build your doll from stock I have.  Your choice of everything.


Due to supply chain interruptions, some wig colors are 

on back order.  Please message me and I'll personally help you build your doll!


Each Artist Doll comes in her very own carry case, wearing the OOAK outfit of your choice, an extra Tshirt and leggins, her teddy and her chocolate chip cookie. This cookie was hand sculpted to fit onto her hand for great photo ops!


First you choose from my collection of OOAK summer outfits.  Second, you will need to select which type of hairstyle you would like your Punkin to have.  Third, you have 3 choices of eye color - brown, blue, green.  Then lastly, decide whether you would like your Punkin to have lots of freckles, light freckles or no freckles at all!

And the BEST thing?  Punkins are IN STOCK so they ship as soon as I receive payment!!!

Punkin Cookie Artist

  • All resin BJDs are adult collectors items.  These dolls are not meant for children.  

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